Welcome to benji

Our name is inspired by Benjamin Button. Although we can’t promise to reverse time, we can promise to make kick ass skincare products that help keep you looking and feeling youthful, and more confident.

Founded in Cincinnati

Started in Cincinnati, our journey is fueled by a singular ambition: To offer you unparalleled products, crafted with top-tier ingredients right here in the USA, and we vow to uphold this standard without compromise.

Note From The Founder

I struggled since a young kid with a variety of skin concerns starting with acne. As I became a bit older, I noticed my skin dry & tight after my showers & by midday I had an aggressive oily layer on my skin. 

I realized the majority of face washes shared something in common: They had harsh ingredients or fragrances

It hit me that the moisturizers, toners & all the other complex steps were being told to use is just patching up the problems caused by the face wash. 

So I partnered with an expert level chemist who could help me formulate the best face wash ever that won’t give adverse reactions.

This is what led to the birth of Benji.

I'm on a mission to provide the best face wash ever that gives guys who struggle with skin issues the confidence to take back their healthy skin. No complexity, no bs.

100% Clean Ingredients

Formulated specifically for men's thicker skin, we use 100% clean ingredients, carefully designed with the expertise of leading chemists to create the superior products your skin deserves.

We've Banned 200+ Ingredients

Our commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our values. That's why before every formulating a product we've banned over 200 ingredients that are potentially harmful to your body

Why We're Starting With Face Wash

The skin on our bodies is up to four times thicker than the skin on our faces, yet many men resort to using body wash or, even more damaging, bar soap on their faces without considering the adverse effects.

We're on a mission to change this by emphasizing the importance of the first step in skincare. By focusing on proper facial care, we aim to revolutionize how men approach their appearance and establish a solid foundation for overall skin health.

We're Excited You're Here

Experience the effects of our Pro-Vitamin Facial Cleanser. Try it today with our money back guarantee