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- Cleans, Hydrates, Regulates Oil

- Free from sulfates & parabens

- No complex routines needed

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    "I've tried countless different face washes and this is the first one that has really helped my excessive oil. I love the minty sensation when washing too"

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    "My face feels so refreshed! The scent is super nice, and the texture is extremely smooth"

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    "The face wash feels great and gives a minty feeling on my face, not like anything I've used before"

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Benefits From Our Key Ingredients

Real Customers. Real Results

Tackles Oil Induced Breakouts

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Real Customers. Real Results

Reduced Redness & Irritation

Try It Now Risk Free

I Grew Tired of Cheap All-in-One Products From The Big Box Guys...

So I made something better with nutrient-focused ingredients that keeps my skin clean & nourished without needing unnecessary skincare routines.

My face is smoother, shine-free and looks & feels alive. I’m now sharing it with the world to give guys from all walks of life the chance to experience freshness

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Questions? We Have Answers.

Is this some sort of 3-1 product?

Absolutely not. Our facial cleanser is formulated specifically for our face. The added benefits such as skin barrier protection, hyrdration and soothing is made to compliment your wash instead of harming your skin.

What makes your facial cleanser so gentle?

benji Pro-Vitamin Facial Cleanser is pH-neutral, non-drying, SLS- and SLES-free with a clean formula free from parabens, soap, perfumes or dyes.

Should I apply moisturizer after using Pro-Vitamin Facial Cleanser?

Yes! Moisturizers create a natural barrier between your skin and the outside world. After you wash away dirt, sweat and pollutants with benji Pro-vitamin Facial Cleanser, use a light oil free moisturizer.

What's the pH level?

A balanced pH is a top priority of ours. We made sure to match our skin's natural levels at 5.5-5.7 for maximum benefits for your skin

Is it suitable for normal, dry, oily or combination skin?

All of them! Our custom formula cleanses all skin types without drying or removing the skin’s natural nutrients and moisture.

Does It contain fragrances?

Our cleanser has natural peppermint oil for scent but does not contain any synthetic fragrances

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

We are confident that you'll love our facial cleanser. If for any reason you don't, we'll give you a hassle-free 60 day money back guarantee